The Attribute
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Lord is I, divine original king of kings and lord of lords. Within my rule as lord, I shall teach my people of what they do not know, which is knowledge and wisdom.

Sharrod is the Asiatic Black man with knowledge of self. Therefore, I am a poor righteous teacher bringing forth freedom, justice, and equality to leading civilization to its proper contents, meaning to lead them to their own way of life which is indeed I-Self-Lord-And-Master, the right direction, the master culture. In reality, Islam is every man's culture.

P.E.A.C.E. is positive which is I. As I come in peace as a strong righteous individual and have the proper education which always creates elevation toward my mental limitation which is infinite, I will shine my light to the deepest parts to get my point across that the true and living God is the son of man, and I will indeed do so by properly educating Allah's children everyday.

A.L.L.A.H. is Sharrod, Asiatic supreme Godbody, civilized to absolute truth, not a slave to mental death and power, who are indeed the 85ers in the state of a savage with no civilization. Allah is I, civilized, who possesses Arm Leg Leg Arm supreme Head of intelligence, and is aware of my circumference as a master.


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