Courtroom Masonary
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This page was built for an increase of understanding of the nature of freemasonry.
Your name has been called. When you begin to walk, start off with your left foot first and end up on your right foot. Allow your hands to sway back and forth a little in front of you. This is the way my son struts through the land. When you reach the bench, say, "Good Morning, your honor, District Attorney, Baliff, and people of the court. I am well aware and well acquainted with the degrees you have my son of a free and accepted Masonary.
"So I will bring you to the 360 degrees of myself as being God the father. Is that of a righteous man ? The father gave the son the mallet and the chisel to round off the edges of unrighteousness." Here the judge will stop you. He might clear the courtroom and ask, "Where do you come from?" You say, "I came through the universe through the light of the sun to replenish the earth from all sin." The judge will then ask if you swear to that on the Holy Bible. You say, "I stand affirm and swear to no god, man, or beast. Why ? Because I am the book of life." The judge will ask, "What do you think is fair, being that I cannot judge you ?" You say, "Although you sit in the orient seat of King Solomon, you cannot judge me as Solomon because I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last. Alpha is the symbol of the divine man or divinity, before descent into matter (before the birth of the physical plane), and Omega is the symbol of the perfect man who gains perfection by passing through the cycle of ressurection and regarding spiritual conciousness. Yes, I am knowledge, wisdom, and understanding; which is the foundation of both the lesser and greater mystery upon which all civilized men stand. (Pause) Then say, "It is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 19:24). So I say to you, 'Only when a camel can walk through the eye of a needle, can a rich man enter through the key of intelligence.'"
When you begin to address the judge, put your right foot over your left and your left hand over your right to show the judge that you understand the significance of the unity between life and death (substance). This sign will also show the law of Yin and Yang (the science of complete opposites). All other times you remain on a square and throw the sign saying, "I am the father of the mysteries. Remember, you are the son who studies 35 to 50 years to live upright like his father, which you truly are." Then the people will ask the judge things and he will not answer. He will not say anything. You don't have to say anything because the judge and the people of the court will try to catch you in a lie. They do this by throwing signs (licks) at you to see how you will react. This is why you must remain on the square at all times and never act like there is something that they do that puzzles you. You are the true and living God, the father of civilization.

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