Matter and Energy
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Matter is what takes up space and has weight. Regardless of its size, it has the dimensions of the universe, the family, and the atom, which are part of the three laws of existance. The first is length, second is height, and of course they must deal in the realm of relativity, which is how they are affected by time. This fact is known as a change in matter, yet energy is that force that can produce, change, or do work. Plus all matter is made of atoms, which are made of positive, negative, and neutrally charged particles of prana. Prana is the principle of all circumstances, occurances, and events. This is what brings forth potential and kinetic forces that are the essence of all 12 degrees of energy that compose, disintegrate, and deteriorate all of matter's dimensions. Energy never leaves the universe, as it is energy that can make and mold matter again.

One might ask, "Why ?"

Let's look at the energy that is utilized in the arm when you write.
I will manifest all twelve classes of energy I have mentioned previously : The food you eat is taken in and consumed, which means you must have HEAT (5) plus CHEMICAL (8) energy. Heat energy is caused by chemical action in the arm. ELECTRICAL (4) energy contains forces of the nerves from emotional impulses from the brain that work with the chemical action of electrical force and the MUSCULAR (11) energy. To move an arm is a MECHANICAL (9) type of energy. The motion and order of the motion are manifestations of mechanical energy.

Prana also controls the energy of LIGHT (7), MAGNETIC (1), and the SOUND (6) of all things like NUCLEAR (10) explosions. We have the power of TRUTH (12), which is the force that the Black man and everything in his circumference has once they are right and exact. Even though truth is the 12th class of energy in life, it can be POTENTIAL (2) or KINETIC (3). Now, know that all of this that makes up man, which man has made ecology with, is life. And it all makes sense mathematically, logically, and scientifically.


1) Magnetic
2) Potential
3) Kinetic
4) Electrical
5) Heat
6) Sound
7) Light
8) Chemical
9) Mechanical
10) Nuclear
11) Muscular
12) Truth

Peace to Lord Jamel God Akbar-U-Allah for the degree.

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